Conflict management and non-violent communication

Train your teams to develop more empathetic and compassionate relationships with this online course.

A missed goal, an oversight that has ruined some of the work, friction within teams… As you surely know from experience, conflicts are inevitable in companies. In fact, they go hand in hand with situations of change and that is why they arise relatively frequently.

Non-violent communication, on the other hand, is essential to promote more collaborative spaces. Developed by the American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, it’s a simple but powerful methodology. Thanks to the compassion and empathy it promotes in relationships, it has proven to be really effective in achieving agreements in which both parties see their needs met.

What will your teams learn in this MOOC?

Through this online course, your employees will learn what a conflict is, its most common causes and the wrong beliefs and attitudes we hold about them. Once the foundations have been laid, they will learn about the different styles and effective strategies for conflict management and resolution.

They will also analyze their current communication style and how they can achieve non-violent communication. To do this, they will train their observation skills without evaluating or identifying and expressing feelings. Once these have been internalized, they will be able to be compassionate and empathetic towards others.

Concepts explored in this MOOC:

  • What is conflict: types, causes and levels
  • How the hostility curve works
  • Conflict management: styles and strategies
  • What non-violent communication is and where it comes from
  • The four phases of non-violent communication
  • The power of presence and empathy