Basic digital skills

One out of every four secondary school students believe that they will work in jobs that currently do not exist today. This figure from the report “The future of work for young people” reveals the dynamic of constant change in the job market.

New technologies have changed work methods, redefining every type of function and creating new positions. The key is to adapt and dominate the transversal skills, of which you cannot forget digital skills.

How do we imagine the worker of the next decade? In this course we try to answer this question and offer the tools and necessary skills to face the demands of the job market that is taking shape today.

What will you learn in this MOOC?

In the four modules of this course you will find the necessary resources to network and work collaboratively, overcoming geographical and time barriers. You will also learn how to dominate digital tools and resources that will allow you to lead your teams.

Content you will find in the MOOC:

  • Dominating basic digital skills
  • Organising virtual meetings
  • Learning how to network

The Homuork Team

k%20bola%20granateAt Homuork we work along companies and universities on the development and the pedagogical design of MOOC’s (Massive Online Open Courses), and SPOC’s (Small Private Online Courses). We innovate in digital education from Barcelona, working with clients from around the world.