Data protection and GDPR compliance

May the 25th of 2018 is marked in the calendar of every European company. On that day, all companies must start training data protection teams, and count on a specialist responsible for the treatment and protection of all confidential information of both the staff and the company.

The new European General Rules of Data Protection aim to guarantee an adequate use of the workers’ data. With this swift and dynamic course you will be given the tools to guide your team through the new legal framework.

What are you going to learn in this MOOC?

You will learn to identify the mandatory basics of data protection according to the law, you will learn to manage correctly the confidential information of the company’s staff throughout the working relationship, and will get to know the digital tools that facilitate this task.

Contents that you are going to find in the MOOC Data Protection:

  • Rights involved in Data Protection
  • Treating workers’ confidential data
  • Corporate strategies on Data Protection
  • Security systems and protocols