Design Thinking: learning to be creative

We tend to think that creativity is an innate talent, and that best ideas come from sheer inspiration. But Newton needed a bit more than a random apple over his head to come up with the Law of Gravity. Innovation is learned and trained until the generation of ideas becomes a regular process.

In this MOOC we are going to teach you the techniques to constantly produce ideas, and you will learn to discriminate the most adequate in accordance with your objectives.

What are you going to learn in this MOOC?

Generating ideas is just the starting point of Design Thinking. Throughout the course you will learn to organize information, to focus your innovations on the needs of your consumers, to select among the myriad of created proposals and to thread a story around them in order to successfully launch your newest creations onto the market.

Contents that you are going to find in the MOOC Design Thinking:

  • Train your creativity
  • Assess your ideas
  • Storytelling: frame a narrative to win over users