Digital transformation in the company

Is your organization ready to survive in a world led by the innovations of the digital economy? Now you can make it

“The species that survive are not the strongest nor the most intelligent; they are the ones that adapt better to change”, Charles Darwin.

The digital transformation is becoming the number one priority for an increasing number of companies. What Darwin suggests for species works as well for companies, and those that are not able to adapt in time to the digital economy’s innovations are going to have a hard time surviving in the short and medium run.

According to the chief executive of Cisco Systems, John Chambers, at least 40% of all organizations will disappear in the next 10 years if they don’t find a way to avoid it. Now, it is in your hand to train your teams on the innovations and methodologies that are to rule the coming years.

What are your teams going to learn in this MOOC?

With this course on the digital transformation, your employees will be introduced to the new digital paradigm and will become familiar with the innovations that are already revolutionizing the economy: big data, automation, blockchain, wearables or the Internet of Things.

They will also learn to get along with the new work routines of the digital office, in which collaborative environments are the rule, searching and organizing information skills are a must, and measuring the return on investment is fundamental.

Contents that make up this MOOC on Digital Transformation:

  • Introduction to digital transformation and digital culture
  • The tools of the digital world
  • New working routines and the professions of the future.
  • The business models of tomorrow