Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

In Spain, 20.9% of workers suffer from some form of discrimination at work, be it due to sex, nationality, origin, age, etc. Employment discrimination is not only against the law, but represents an economic burden. The data shows that companies with greater racial diversity have up to 35% better results than those who are non-inclusive, whilst companies with a minimum of 35% of executives in managerial positions improve their profits by 15%.   

The online course “Diversity and inclusion” will give you the keys to identifying your biases, analysing the effects of discrimination and discovering the advantages of creating a more human, diverse and inclusive organisation. 

What will you learn in this MOOC?

Through this MOOC, your human resources team will discover the tools to create diverse teams and to take advantage of the benefits that this can bring to the company. And all through four thematic areas and an attractive, tutored and multiplatform e-ducational programme. 

Content you will find in the MOOC Diversity and Inclusion in business:

  • Identifying what your biases are
  • Analysing each type of discrimination
  • Creating diverse and inclusive teams
  • Designing a diversity plan

Alexandra Maratchi


Alexandra Maratchi (Co-founder & CEO) was born and raised in Barcelona, but as soon as she could she started traveling and working all around Europe in marketing and sales in many major... Extended bio