Female empowerment and leadership

Train your teams to foster an egalitarian future with an increasing number of women in leading roles.

Did you know that for every euro a man is paid, a woman only gets 81 cents? Do you know what “Impostor Syndrome,” which affects most women, consists of? Did you know that women hold only one out of five board seats? These aren’t signs of an equal and fair work environment.

This course on female empowerment and leadership analyzes the reasons behind this inequality and provides the necessary tools and strategies to detect and end discrimination in the workplace. It also relies on the testimony of many female professionals and experts sharing their own experiences.

What will your team learn in this course?

Throughout the four modules of this course, your teams will analyze the presence of women in managerial positions in your company. They will also learn how to create a space for reflection and empowerment towards a different and more up-to-date leadership. They will reflect on where we come from, where we are and what we can aspire to for more women to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Concepts explored in this course:

  • Analyzing women’s presence in managerial roles
  • Implementing gender-inclusive strategies
  • Female leadership training
  • Putting female leadership into practice