How to give and receive feedback

The capacity of giving feedback is one the highest valued skills in managers. Train your company’s for them to excel at it


Reports on entrepreneurial tendencies consistently show that employees highly value managers who give them constant, positive and constructive feedback. Companies that manage to implement this model gain access to advantages like the acceleration of learning processes, the retention of talent and a higher engagement of their workers. However, only a few manage to establish an effective interaction and evaluation system.

This course goes over the most efficient feedback methods, shows you how to find your own leadership model and how to adapt your interaction methods in accordance with your characteristics and those of your teams.

What are your teams going to learn in this MOOC?

In this MOOC your teams will learn to identify the classic feedback mistakes and how to correct them. Also, they will be given the tools to identify their leadership model, to adopt the communication style that suits them best, allowing them to improve the interaction with their subordinates and increasing their engagement with professional objectives.

Contents that make up this MOOC on How to give and receive feedback:

  • Leadership and feedback models
  • Methods to identify your interlocutor
  • How to avoid the most common feedback mistakes
  • Performance evaluation systems