Lean Project Management

Train your teams in one of the most demanded skills in today’s companies: project management.

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The “Project Management Gap Report” by the Anderson Economic Group, indicates that “Project Manager” is going to be the most demanded professional profile in the world until 2020, with 15,7 million new positions generated in all sectors up until then.

That profile is the liaison between the management board and the employees. Its function is to control every detail of the project it manages. This course teaches how to define and present projects, plan each stage of the process, define realistic objectives, supervise the teams, and to be resolute when facing unexpected issues.

What are your teams going to learn with this MOOC?

In 5 weeks they will learn about the tools a project manager has at hand to carry out his/her work. Also, they will be taught how to identify the differences in the Project Management endeavors depending on the scale they work at: corporation, SME’s or startups.