Managing millennials and age diversity

In 2025, people born between the 1980s and the 2000s will represent 75% of the world’s labour force. Many millennials are asking themselves, “What is a young person like me doing in a job like this?” Most of them witness how their demands barely fit the existing labour offer, and they have difficulty dealing with the emotional management of most organizations. In this corporate COURSE, we will provide the keys to understand and empathize with the ambitions of millennials. Their profile, which offers social and technical talent lacking in most companies, is a blessing, but managing them can present great challenges.

Having been raised in different conditions and with different values, they expect very different things from a job than what older generations used to. They want much more flexibility and to be listened to, they need to know they can thrive quickly and that their ideas count, even if only to be refuted.

They also don’t display the same loyalty: one out of five millennials will voluntarily switch jobs this year, which is three times more than the rest of the labour force. The cost of this turnover is huge for their companies; in the United States alone, this costs around 30 billion dollars per year.

What will you learn in this course?

In this online course for companies, we will help you understand the characteristics of millennial workers, what their drivers and motivations are, what management style is more adequate to foster their loyalty, and how to actualize their full potential. We will also learn, through case studies and interviews, how to attract millennial talent and apply strategies to retain them in the company for the long term. 

Concepts explored in this course:

  • Analyzing the millennial generation: profiles and motivations
  • Valid leadership strategies for millennials
  • Talent detection and retention strategies for millennials
  • Corporate culture in the millennial generation