Public speaking and effective presentations

Cold sweat, stammering, being unable to control hand movement… these are some of the classic symptoms that one experiences while speaking in public. If you recognise yourself in all of this, you don’t need to worry: there is a cure. This 5-week MOOC on Effective Presentations is designed for you to learn a series of techniques that will help you gain the confidence and persuasion you need in order to seduce any audience in your presentations. All of it under a unique principle: rehearse, rehearse and rehearse again.

In this online course for companies and professionals, developed along with Joan Frances – professor of communication at the Pompeu Fabra University, you are going to acquire the necessary skills to master any situation in which you have to speak in public.

What are you going to learn in this MOOC?

This online course for companies will allow you to analyse your style of communication, to master classic principles for structuring and writing a speech, as well as to learn how to manage stressful situations.

Contents you will find in this e-learning experience:

  • Preparation techniques for public presentations
  • Audience analysis and speech adaptation
  • Narrative resources for redaction
  • Usage of additional material
  • Non-verbal communication control

Alexandra Maratchi


Alexandra Maratchi (Co-founder & CEO) was born and raised in Barcelona, but as soon as she could she started traveling and working all around Europe in marketing and sales in many major multinational companies. She’s a proud alumni of the Barcelonian Business School ESADE and holds a CEMS Master from HEC Paris. When she’s not thinking about how to further develop Homuork (which hardly happens), you’ll find her jogging or attending concerts, especially if Jamie Cullum is playing. She’s crazy good at imitating voices and accents.