Stress Management and Prevention of Burnout Syndrome

Stress is the second cause of work leave in the European Union. Help your teams fight against it with this MOOC.

According to the European Agency for Health and Security at Work, stress is the second work-related health problem in Europe. When it reaches a chronic stage, it can become what we know as Burnout Syndrome.

This condition is spreading more and more across working environments and is due to several causes: unbearable amounts of work, lack of control, role confusions, accumulation of extra hours and external factors, among others. The universality of this problem shows that H&R departments haven’t yet found a satisfying way of dealing with this issue. However, psychology offers applicable tools that can help identifying the symptoms in the early stages in order to stop the process.

What is your team going to learn in this MOOC?

  • How to detect the Burnout symptoms
  • Strategies to take action in the early stages of the Syndrome
  • Exercises to reduce stress and promote mental wellness
  • Good practices to create safe working spaces

About the expert:


María Fontal is a founding partner of MF Professional Coaching and has been making a difference on working environments for over 20 years. She helps along processes of change and career developments since 2003. She has designed and implemented training programs on management and leadership, as well as skills and competencies for one of the main financial entities of Spain.