Time Management in the Digital Era

Boost the productivity of your teams by training them in the techniques and skills that will improve their organization and increase their focus.

According to a study carried out by the University of California, each professional wastes around 238 minutes every day on distractions. Do you think it’s a lot?

That’s not all: this wasted time represents a cost of 1 trillion dollars per year for companies only in the US. These overwhelming numbers show to what extent it is important to train our teams in time management and the GTD Method.

This online course has been especially designed in order for those who complete it to reach high levels of productivity within the current working environments, which are full of digital stimuli and traps that entice us to procrastinate. To reach this milestone, they will have to rethink their time perception, develop a series of habits and implement techniques of proven efficacy.

What are your teams going to learn in this MOOC?

By taking this online course, your employees will succeed in managing the time they spend at their working post. For that, they will learn to differentiate between urgent and important, identify “time robbers”, and to overcome the obstacles derived from procrastination.

They will also be given the tools to deal with specific areas such as task delegation, meeting management, as well as mail and communication management. This way, they will manage to establish working spaces that favor concentration and performance.

Contents that make up this MOOC on Time Management in the Digital Era:

  • Introduction: time perception and distractions
  • The Eisenhower matrix: urgency versus importance
  • Habits for an efficient management of time
  • Productivity in working environments
  • The GTD Method (Get Things Done)
  • Apps and digital resources for time management