Unconscious bias and gender equality 

In this online course you will learn to identify which are the most effective strategies in creating an environment of equality

In France women make 20% less than men for the same job. In Russia, they are simply banned from some tasks. In the USA, paid maternity leave is still not mandatory. And among the 1000 biggest companies in the world, only 54 are led by women. This is not data from 50 years ago. This is happening today. Do you still think that it is not necessary to apply gender equality policies in your company?

Thanks to this online course you will discover some exemplary strategies carried out by multinationals in order to foster an equal organigram, thus avoiding to misuse talent and resources for discriminatory reasons. The implementation of such strategies has an impact both on workers’ well-being and on the economic performance of the organisations: according to data provided by the ILO (International Labour Organization), companies investing in equality policies have their profit increased in 6% in just one year.

What are you going to learn in this MOOC?

Throughout the 4 modules of this MOOC, we are going to analyse the factors that generate inequality in corporate environments, as well as to see which corporate policies are the most efficient in correcting it. This online course provides the key elements to ensure that every company is on the right path to achieve a more efficient and fairer working atmosphere, whether through corporate strategy or through individual action. 

Contents to be found in our MOOC on 'Unconscious Bias and Gender Equality':

  • Identifying discriminatory situations and the ususal micro-abuses in working environments.
  • Understanding the femenine perspective in the company.
  • Knowing effective exemplary strategies being applied successfully by companies.
  • Implementing equality policies tailored for your corporate reality.

Katherine Gilchrist

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Katherine Gilchrist is a gender equality and employment law specialist who has worked in several United Nations agencies including the International Labour Organization. She has acted as a consultant... Extended bio