Cultural intelligence in organizations

Build your teams’ capacity to thrive in multicultural work contexts.

Inteligencia cultural Web

In a globalized world like the one we live in, it’s increasingly common to find ourselves in situations where we have to interact with people from other cultures, not only on a personal level but also at work.

However, we often don’t have the skills to develop a good relationship, communication and conviviality in unfamiliar environments, which can hinder the building of effective working relationships.

By developing cultural intelligence, we will ensure that our company’s professionals have the necessary skills to adapt to different multicultural contexts and to see them as an enriching opportunity rather than an obstacle.

What will your teams learn in this MOOC?

In this course, they will learn the importance of cultivating intercultural skills in a global context. They will be able to identify the differences between societies, learn the key aspects of cultural intelligence and different methods to develop and improve it on an individual level.

Concepts explored in this online course:

  • Basic concepts of cultural intelligence
  • The role of cultural intelligence in culturally diverse work environments
  • How to cultivate effective intercultural relationships in the workplace
  • Developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Methods for mapping out a personal cultural intelligence development plan