How to persuade with storytelling

Train your teams in the narrative techniques of storytelling with this online course. You will improve their communication skills and their ability to increase the influence of your brand.


The art of telling stories is one of the most powerful communication tools we humans have. With it, we teach, we learn, we entertain and we contextualize reality.

In the business world, it is a skill that benefits us in both our external and internal communications. Externally because it creates a connection between our brand and clients or audiences; internally because it helps us transmit complex information.

What will your teams learn in this course?

We all have the ability to tell stories, and it is a talent that can be practised and improved. In this online course, your employees will learn storytelling and communication techniques to turn an idea into a story so that it ultimately becomes effective for your company.

Concepts explored in this online course:

  • What is storytelling and why use it
  • Examples of companies successfully using storytelling
  • Defining the objectives and audience of our actions
  • The storytelling creative process
  • Tools for effective storytelling