Learnability: learn to learn

Promote your teams’ ability and willingness to learn in order to realize their full potential.


We find ourselves immersed in an ever-changing reality that is in constant movement. Being able to reinvent ourselves and learn as the world changes is an essential skill for today’s professionals. 

Learnability is precisely the engine of continuous learning: the ability to face any new training challenge and overcome it successfully.

What will your teams learn in this MOOC? 

They will learn what learnability is and how to recognize this ability in others. They will also obtain the necessary tools and instruments to enhance their own learning ability.

Throughout the course, they will be able to assess their level of learnability through different exercises and practical content. This way, they will find out where they stand and will be able to establish the appropriate guidelines to work on it in order to develop this skill in a personalized way.

Concepts explored in this online course:

  • Introduction to the multidimensional concept of learnability
  • Knowledge of what the VUCA environment is and how it affects people and organizations
  • Application of strategies to work on and increase learning capacity
  • Identification of the limiting beliefs that hold back someone’s talent
  • Creation of a personal development plan through learnability

About the expert:

Montse-Bordas-2Montse Bordas is a facilitator of learnability processes, as well as of personal and organizational transformations. With a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and a postgraduate degree in New People for New Professions from the Pompeu Fabra University, she collaborates with renowned organizations as a consultant in applied training.