Learning to say “no”: Impactful communication

Say “no” to saying “yes” as a rule. You will increase your teams’ productivity and satisfaction by improving their communication skills.


Why are we afraid to say “no”? We usually associate the word “no” with rejection and think that using it can have negative social consequences or that we will hurt others. But refusing certain things has multiple benefits, including spending time on meaningful and important tasks instead of inconsequential ones.

To move through the never-ending stream of tasks that arise in companies, professionals need to know how to refuse certain requests. Only then will they be able to focus, increasing their productivity and personal satisfaction.

What will your teams learn in this MOOC?

Throughout this course, they will learn to identify and stop pressures to say “yes.” They will understand the benefits of saying “no,” thus prioritizing tasks and increasing their effectiveness.

They will distinguish between what they can handle and what they must refuse, assessing the importance of their workload. They will also acquire communication tools to say “no” without feeling bad or hurting others.

Concepts explored in this online course: 

  • Communication tools for saying “no” and how to use them
  • Identifying and stopping pressures to say “yes”
  • How to assess one’s workload to know when to say “yes” and when to say “no” 
  • Benefits of saying “no” when the situation calls for it