LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace

A total of 86% of LGBT+ people have heard homophobic or transphobic jokes or comments in the workplace. This data shows that, although great progress has been made in recent years, many workplaces are still hostile and non-inclusive from an LGBT+ perspective.

Through this online training, your teams will learn the keys to creating an inclusive and respectful work environment, thus empowering everyone in the company regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as favouring the organization’s success.

Concepts explored in this online course:

  • LGBT+ Glossary
  • The situation of the LGBT+ community in the workplace
  • Benefits of an inclusive work environment
  • Preventing LGBTphobia and microaggressions
  • What can companies do for LGBT+ inclusion?
  • Good practices and recommendations for inclusive communication

What will your teams learn in this online course?

In this course, your teams will become familiar with the reality of LGBT+ people both on a social and professional level and discover how they can contribute to their inclusion.

Through videos, practical exercises and readings, they will reflect on the social need and business opportunities of an effective and competitive management of LGBT+ diversity in the company. They will also discover available tools for companies to foster an inclusive and discrimination-free work environment and the importance of using inclusive communication to achieve this.