Reduce the carbon footprint in your office

Get the people in your office involved in reducing the footprint we leave on the planet every day and work towards a greener world.


The future of the ecosystem depends on the small contribution of each of us. If the individual consumption of every citizen can positively or negatively affect our planet, what about the collective impact we have while in our offices? 

Businesses and industries are the largest producers of waste and the biggest consumers of energy and water. Therefore, as an organization, it is our duty to take part in improving the environment through an environmental action plan that involves all employees.

What will your teams learn in this microlearning program? 

Your teams will be trained to develop an environmental action plan, driven by your own staff’s awareness and participation. They will learn the dimensions they need to take into account when drawing up such a plan. They will become aware of the current situation, what each action entails and how other companies have improved their environmental practices with excellent results.

Concepts explored in this microlearning program:

  • Strategies for implementing an effective environmental action plan
  • Real cases of organizations that apply environmental policies
  • Business resources for sustainable actions
  • System to identify the company's current situation

Training Entity: 

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Ecoinstitut was founded in 1999 and has been working for the protection of the environment and the incorporation of sustainability principles ever since. Its action focuses on different sectors of society, promoting its values both locally and globally.