Structure, write and design your presentation

Do your employees know how to be engaging in their presentations? Teach them with this microlearning program.

imagen curso microlearning - Estructura, escribe y diseña tu presentación

Corporate presentations are not only based on a good idea and a good script. It’s necessary to accompany the pitch with a presentation that graphically supports what is being said. The design of this fundamental piece of the company’s communication shouldn’t be random; it must harmonize and be coherent with what is being presented.

It’s also important to know who is going to attend the event, understand the different types of audiences, and know how to adjust the timing accordingly so that each and every one of your listeners follows the presentation with the same interest.

What will your teams learn in this microlearning program? 

In this microlearning program, your teams will identify the different types of people in their audience. They will learn how to manage the timing of the presentation so that everyone can engage with the message. They will also see how to design a presentation that complements their words, what they should and shouldn’t include, and how to do it.

Concepts explored in this microlearning program:

  • Audience type analysis
  • Speech preparation techniques
  • Structuring guidelines and argumentation
  • How to design the presentation in an attractive and coherent way

About the expert:


Co-founder and CEO of Homuork, Alexandra Maratchi has trained nearly 300,000 people from global organizations such as Twitter, BBVA and Danone. Two of her main areas of expertise are diversity and gender equality in the workplace.